• Syrah (also know as Shiraz) is a vigorous variety that does very well in cool as well as hot climates. This variety thrives in many different areas showing different characteristics in wine depending on where it is grown. The wines can show an array of dark fruits, cocoa, blueberry and mint. This variety is extremely versatile for winemaking and can be pleasant to grow in the vineyard with large yields.
  • A red grape variety that is largely planted in Spain. This variety is early ripening and thrives in warm climates. It yields large clusters and the yields are productive. The wine tends to be full bodied with a dark ruby color. On the palate you will taste light red fruits and baking spices.
  • Zinfandel is an American grape variety that performs differently in the field, but is genetically the same as Primitivo. It can be used to make red and white (rose) wine. Zinfandel is not as winter cold hardy as other varieties but can be planted where temperatures stay above 15 degrees F. It is a high producing variety that makes fruity wines that can be consumed at a young age.  


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