We’re a small, family-owned business located in Benton City, WA. We specialize in providing the highest quality grapevines for landscaping and hobby vineyard plantings. Growing your own grapes is easy, it’s fun, and before you know it you’ll have grapes and wine galore!

The 2024 Season is now complete!

Check back towards the end of Summer for 2025 ordering

Grapevines Galore does not provide consultation or give recommendations on varieties, clones, or rootstock selections. We encourage growers to do their own research in finding a suitable variety for their location and needs.

We also do not allow cancellations, order changes, or refunds. Please double check your order before purchasing.


All varietals are $15 per vine ($16 for those with royalties).

For commercial vineyard orders of 100+ vines of a single varietal click here.


$25 per order to Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, $45 to all other states.

2024 Season Complete! Check back end of Summer for 2025 ordering!