• Organic fertilizer packets with mycorrhizal fungi provides a slow

    release nutrient supplement for your young vines.

    Drop one 30g packet into each hole before planting.

    Guaranteed Analysis 4 - 1 - 1

  • Green Tie Tape is used to attach the vine shelters to the stake and/or wire.  It is also used to secure green shoots, trunks and cordons to the stakes and fruiting wire.  The tape will stretch with the growth of the vine without girdling the plant.  One roll is enough for a year's worth of work on about 25 vines.  It keeps well for the following year.  And, it can be used on other plants in your garden. 1/2" x 200' per roll 25% discount on 12 rolls or more.  
  • Gift cards for your viticulturist or oenophile friends and family are also available. You choose the amount. Fill in the details below and we'll email you a gift card immediately.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml) 45% Frantoio 45% Leccino 10% Pendolino