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We're a small, family-owned business located in the heart of Sonoma County California's wine country since 1996. This site specializes in providing the highest quality grapevines for individuals looking for landscaping and/or hobby vineyard plantings. For commercial size propagation materials, CLICK HERE.

Our inventory includes both wine and table grape selections. We have the expertise to assist you in assuring you get the variety of grapevine(s) you are looking for and providing planting instructions and care for your vines. Please consult our availability list and order form to get your first vintage under way. You can order anytime. But, shipments occur during the months of March, April, and May.

Let us know when you would like to receive your vines, and we will ship accordingly. It's easy. It's fun. And before you know it you will have grapes and wine galore!

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